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Ductwork is the network of tunnels connecting your heating and cooling system.

man doing air duct replacement frisco

How difficult is it to repair ductwork in the attic?

So the HVAC has got some mileage on it and you’re needing to give it some love. Well, there’s many factors for you to consider when searching for a Frisco air duct replacement service. Things like cost, finding a reputable repair service, or leaning how to do it yourself. Let’s take a look.

If you are a do it yourself-er, you’re probably wondering how to repair ductwork in the attic. If you are a wiz at HVAC systems from A to Z, then you probably won’t have any trouble patching up your ductwork the right way.

​For all of the rest of us that despise going up into the musty, dusty, dark attic with all the joys of insects and rodents to keep us company, the thought of do it yourself air duct repair doesn’t seem like time well spent. Why not have a reputable HVAC duct repair company do the job right the first time? If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could make things worse and the cost of air duct replacement may go up.

The difficulty of hvac ductwork repair varies dependent on your situation. How cramped is your attic space? Is some of your ductwork hard to access? How about tools? Do you have the proper tools to repair ductwork? How about knowledge? Do you have experience repairing ductwork? These are just a few things a reputable company like ours knows about. Give us a call. We don’t mind helping you out and sharing our expertise with you. And we definitely have the experience, tools, and bravery to get up in that crazy attic of yours and do the job right.

​How often should ductwork be replaced?

Another common question. Well, for starters, if your ducts have a leak you need air duct leak repair right away. The reason being you are placing undue stress on your HVAC to heat or cool your home. It has to work long hours to make the temperature you require of it. So getting it patched right away by a reputable ac ductwork repair company is paramount.

Ok that was obvious, but something not so obvious is you should replace ductwork every 15 years or so depending on the material used in your system. This is due to wear and tear of using the HVAC system day in and day out. Plus any damage that might occur due to weather or rodents or whatever.

By insuring your ductwork is repaired and in shape, you’re insuring that your HVAC system is running at peak efficiency. That means savings for you in energy consumption and less impact on your wallet. So if it’s time to do some air duct leak repair or air duct replacement, give our Frisco air duct replacement pros a call and they will happily go over any questions you have and discuss the air duct replacement cost for your home.

Is your ductwork damaged? If so, call now and one of our friendly duct specialists will walk you down the path to getting your ductwork repaired.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!